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The External Advisory Board



The External Advisory Board is an important component of the DIDARP. As an expert body with accumulated experience in research from various disciplines that intersect in the DIDARP’S’s research agenda, they will advise on issues relating to research development as proposed in the DIDARP program to enhance our success in attaining our goals. Members were selected based on their expertise in areas relevant to the proposed projects.


They are active researchers who are well integrated in the national and international research community. The members will:

Review the DIDARP’S’s progress in research.

  • Advise on the content of the training program and on implementation issues that may affect the efficiency and effectiveness of research activities. 

  • Provide scientific input as needed.

  • Advice on how the findings from the research studies can be disseminated and applied.

  • Help DIDARP participants to network with other researchers or training programs





Dr. Robert Schwartz:


is an addiction psychiatrist who is Medical Director at Friends Research Center. His research experience has focused on entry and engagement in drug abuse treatment, pharmacotherapy of opioid dependence, and health services research.

Dr. Josiah D. Rich:  


is a professor of Medicine and Community Health at Brown Medical School.  He has expertise in the overlap between infectious diseases and addiction.

Dr. Steven Belenko: 


has a PhD in experimental psychology from Columbia University.  He is a professor in Temple University in the Department of Criminal Justice.  Dr. Belenko’s primary research interests are on the impact of substance abuse on the adult and juvenile justice systems, HIV risk behaviors and related service needs for offenders, and the integration of treatment and other services in criminal justice settings (including drug courts, diversion programs, and prisons)

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