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DIDARP Projects

Capacity Building and Training Coordination



The educational component is the unit responsible for training DIDAPR research team. Its tasks include coordinating educational activities for the benefit of the faculty and for the RA's. Besides this, it provides valuable instructional tools through this site.

A Self-Stigma Scale for Latinos with SUD/HIV under Criminal Justice Supervision



It aims to translate and culturally adapt the Substance Abuse Self Stigma Scale. This is an existing measure of self-stigma among individuals with SUD. This tool will help to assess the magnitude and intensity of SUD Self-Stigma among samples of Puerto Rican prison inmates and identify their association with SUD treatment experiences, controlling for socio-demographic factors (age, education, employability, and marital status) drug use and criminal story)


Dimensional perspective of ADHD and its Comorbidity with SUD in Latino Prison Inmates



The purpose of this project is to improve the assessment and identification of individuals with ADHD and SUD within the prison inmate population, to create a better understand of the clinical heterogeneity, symptom clusters and the nature of the association between ADHD and SUD in prison adults and to determine if there are specific associations between ADHD/SUD and aspects of criminal behavior. 


Project 1:


Project 2

Educational Component

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