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Tel. 787-758-2525

Ext. 2119

Tel. 787-522-9034


Glorimar Caraballo-Correa

Project Manager

Tel. 787-758-2525

Ext. 4218

Carmen E. Albizu García

Director & Principal Investigator

DIDARP has an interdisciplinary team that contributes to the wealth and creativity needed to conduct research and manage the different processes that this project entails.


Tel. 787-522-9034

Ext. 1417

Lourdes M. Torres-Báez

Educational Component Coordinator

Antonio Méndez Iglesias

Educational Specialist

Tel. 787-522-9034

Ext. 1409

Dalisabel Rodríguez

Administrative Assistant

Harry Sotomayor Ortiz

Web Administrator and Designer

Tel. 787-522-9034

Ext. 1407

José Javier Ruiz

Data Mining Administrator

Tel. 787-522-9034

Ext. 1407

Data Analysis Management

Educational Component

Program Administration

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