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DIDARP's productivity is nurtured of talent and enthusiasm of students who have been part of our work team. These served as research assistants, coordinators, facilitators, and volunteers. They also have been part of initiatives such as summer internships, presentations and training programs, among others. 


The work at DIDARP promotes the development of important and valuable skills, knowledge and abilities that are relevant for students' academic and professional careers. Among these skills are the following:


  • Literature review

  • Data base search

  • Public speaking 

  • Presenting research outcomes in posters, conferences and seminars

  • Scientific writing

  • Critical Thinking

  • Data analysis

  • Evidence based methodology

  • Mentoring 

  • Institutional Review Board

  • Qualitative research methodologies

Student's Experience

Why is it important to participate in extracurricular student experience?

Extracurricular activities promote integrated development and experiences that goes beyond the classroom learning. Some of the benefits that a student can obtain from opportunities like internships, student exchanges and academic practices,include the following:

● establish relationships with students and professionals with similar interests
● expand their knowledge and skills
● experience with different methods of teaching and learning
● establish a link between theory and practice
● explore new areas of study
● extended personal, academic and professional perspective
● multicultural experiences
● teamwork, initiative and leadership
●  independence development 

Besides these, the students can put into practice the acquired knowledge, develop skills for the future, and interact with other students in their area of​specialization and to have exposure to the professional world. Skills in oral and written communication, management of computer programs and research technologies are also strengthened.

If you are a student and have interest in joining our team or if you are professor concerned that your students have practical experience in research on substance abuse and criminal justice in Puerto Rico, contact us. DIDARP's Team will work with you to identify those opportunities  to create spaces for academic and professional development of students in our projects and activities.





NIDA Summer Internship Program

For summer 2013, we had the opportunity to have Pauline I. Reck Rivera and Ariana I. Espinosa Santiago. They were the first High School students who participated as research assistants at DIDARP sponsored by NIDA Summer Internship Program. They have a great experience working under the supervision of the coordinator of the stigma project and one RA who is a doctoral student in history of women’s health and a qualitative researcher. They were working with our spin off project exploring how attributes of drug users are constructed by the island’s written press (daily newspapers of highest circulation) in an attempt to identify how the press contributes to the construction and perpetuation of stigma towards users of illicit drugs.

"This experience has truly opened our minds to the multiple realities involving drug discourse and the influence of the Media.  We are grateful for the NIDA funding our internship and providing this great opportunity to gain experience.  It is needless to say that we have developed our critical thinking skills and have learned a lot during this experience". 

Are you an interested student?


Let us know you! Get involved and complete our DIDARP's Students Pre-Interview. You can also contact us via email writing to . Click teh link below to complete the Pre-Interview.


                                                                             DIDARP Student Pre-Interview


 Student's Opportunities

In this section we share some links on different organziaciones, institutions and opportunities for students. This includes internships, scholarships and grants.


General Government Sites:



National Science Foundation Funded Programs:


AGEP (Alliances for graduate Education and the Professorate)


IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship)


REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates-a great stepping stone to graduate school)






The National GEM Consortium:


Sloan Scholarships:


National Physical Science Consortium


Ford FoundationFellowships


AAW Fellowships

American Association of University Woman



NIDA Summer Internship Program:


NIMH Outreach Partnership Program PR:


Park Avenue Center Internship:


University of Maryland Summer Research Initiative:


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