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The Center for Medical Research and Evaluation Partner (CIES), founded in 1982, at the facilities of the Graduate School of Public Health at the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Port Rico, provides leadership and promotes high quality research practices and program evaluation. The CIES has over 20 years conducting ambitious research studies in the psychosocial area, which have made ​​an impact on multiple vulnerable populations of Puerto Rican society, such as the aged, people with depression and other emotional problems, low income citizens and people who have limited access to health services, drug users, sex workers, people living with HIV / AIDS among others, people who otherwise might have remained behind. The findings obtained after the completion of these investigations have been used to provide real and accurate recommendations, impacting public policy and the services available to this sector of our society.


From the beginning, the CIES has been led ​​by researchers recognized nationally and internationally for their career, social commitment, and contributions to public health. The evaluation and research projects conducted by CIES have been supported and funded by multiple state and federal key agencies and private organizations. Some of these agencies include the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CD ), National Institute of Mental Health ( NIMH ) , National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases ( NIAID ) , Management Correction of Puerto Rico , Department of Health of Puerto Rico , Teachers’ Association of Puerto Rico , Carlos Albizu University , Administration of Mental Health Services and Addiction (ASSMCA), among others.


The CIES has strong skills, extensive knowledge and many experiences in writing proposals, planning, design, methodology and implementation of qualitative and quantitative research. Some of the services offered by the CIES includes: development , adaptation and validation of measuring instruments, surveys conducted by mail, phone or home / community training and supervision of interviewers, research project management ensuring quality and resource use efficiency, data entry, analysis and interpretation of results, communicating results and recommendations arising from the investigation. The findings of these studies have been disseminated in publications in scientific journals of PR and the United States as American Journal of Public Health, Medical Care, Journal of Behavioral Health Services and research, and Journal of Family and Community health, among others and through oral presentations at major national and international forums.
























The following are some of the studies conducted by CIES:


• The use of mental health services among Puerto Ricans (1992-2995 NIMH)

• Use of mental health services - The impact of managed care (1996-1999 NIMH)

• Social networks of minority youth at risk for HIV/AIDS (1991-1995 NIMH)

• Risk factors, safer sex practices and HIV infection / AIDS in Puerto Rican sex workers (1991-1994 RCMI)

• Women and the prevention of HIV / AIDS (1992-1993 CDC)

• Drug use and problem behaviors of Puerto Rican women in urban areas (1995-2000 NIDA)

• Educational workshops for students at the Carlos Albizu University (2003-2005 UCA)

• National Latino and Asian American Study (2000- present NIMH)

• Feasibility study suboxone treatment for opiate- dependent inmates in a prison in PR ( NIDA )

• Study needs of substance abuse and dependence and prevention of HIV and hepatitis B and C in prisons in PR (Correctional Administration)

• Treatment for depression in general medical settings (LRPP)

• Assessment of infrastructure and training needs of public health system to respond to bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies ( Department of Health )




CIES' Faculty:



Mildred Vera Ríos, Ph.D

Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology

University of Puerto Rico

Professor at Health Services Administration Department

University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus


Carmen E. Albizu García, M.D.

Doctoral Degree in Medicine

University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus

DIDARP’s Project PI

Professor at Public Health School


Héctor Colón Jordán, M.A., Ph.D.

Doctoral Degree

Associate Professor at Public Health School

University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus


Marizaida Sánchez Cesáreo, Ph.D.

Doctoral Degree in Clinical Community Psychology

DePaul University in Chicago


Vivian Colón López, MPH, PhD

Doctoral Degree

Assistant Professor at Public Health School

University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus


Carlos E. Rodríguez Díaz, PhD, MPHE, MCHES

Post Doctoral Training in Global Health and HIV Research

University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus

Director Social Determinants of Health Program

Professor at Public Health School



For more informacion about CIES productivity, you can visit the folloing link:

Center of Evaluation and Sociomedical Research (CIES)

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